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The Oddity Drawer

knick's knack's and other weird things

Jamiyou (yes that's my name.)
A Little About Me

All you need to know is that I'm an odd little Canadian, with a sense of humor only truly appreciated by those who are criminally insane, or consume too much sugar on a regular basis.

I am known by many names, most of them rather ridiculous, and I am addicted to Oreo cookies.

I also have a slight phobia of smooth peanut butter… but that’s just between us.

You can friend me if you want, or not, that's your choice to make.

1920s, alice's adventures in wonderland, astrology, auditory arts, believing just because, booboo fishy, cheshire cat, crack couples, cuddle-whoring, evil boobies of death, evil plotting, extreme lawn bowling, fan-girling something awful, fma, frosting-whoring, george orwell, grinning evilly, impersonating zombies, literary arts, magical handjob fairies, mocking people who mock, moo kitty, moulin rouge, multi-functioning pillow cases, nerd-fests, nique & shnoogleberry, nosferatu, obviously evil mary-sue's, oreo cookies, paint spattered things, peanut butter phobias, pistachio pudding wrestling, qsb, randomly handing out lollipops, sequential art, shouting "deadypoo!" in public, sleeping beauty, smurf-glomping, super-soaker olympics, tenimyu, tenipuri, utter world domination, visual-artistry, whipped-cream fighting